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Now jdl club thai that you know how to add the points, it is time to explain the rules of the various options you have while playing a hand. The reason blackjack is unique as a casino game is that after you place your bet, you can make decisions that affect the odds of winning. If you make the right decision, your chances of winning from the dealer increase. If you do not carefully consider which option to use, your chances of winning will of course decrease.

Hit or stand (card or pass)

The option offered at any time during a hand is hit or stand. So you indicate to the dealer whether you want an extra card or decide to fold. With every point total below 11, it is clear which option to choose. After all, it is then impossible to go over the permitted number of 21 with an extra card. The higher the value of your hand, the more difficult the decision becomes. The use of the casino bonus comes up to be essential in this case.

Double (double bet)

After dealing the first two cards, you as a player have the option to double your bet. In the mostly English-language casino this is indicated by the word double. You should only take advantage of this when you have a good chance of winning from the dealer. It is important to know that the rules prescribe that if you double the bet, you will only be dealt 1 card.

Split (split cards)

You can only use the split game option if your first two cards have the same value. You can then decide to split these cards into two new hands. You have to place an extra bet for this. The same amount as you bet on the original hand. A golden blackjack rule is that you never split two tens, but always split two aces.


The moment the dealer shows an ace face up on the table. Then you will be offered the option to take out insurance for your bet. You must pay half of the amount wagered for this. Does the dealer have a blackjack. Then you will be paid the insurance amount 2 to 1. We can be brief about this game option. It is better not to make use of this, because in the long term you will always incur a loss.

Different types of blackjack

Depending on the type of blackjack you are playing, the rules can be different. The point count and the way a hand is played is usually always the same. The differences you can experience have to do with the number of players who can participate in the game at the same time. The number of decks from which the dealer deals the cards. Betting limits are also often different per type and casino. When gambling in an online casino you have the option to play online or live blackjack. You play the latter type with a real dealer who you see in front of you via a live video connection. This way of online gambling offers the most authentic casino experience. The traditional blackjack rules are therefore almost always adhered to here.


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