About Us

Chris Conte is a 27 year old corporate drone who sits at a desk staring at monitors for 8 hours a day. In his free time, he writes reviews for music blogs and contemplates the reality we live in. Chris is a victim of the student loan plight and takes a corporate job out of necessity. In truth, he should (and will) be on the "other side," away from business suits and fake smiles. His interest in psychedelics and what they are capable of started by going to numerous music festivals but was ignited by the Horizons Conference in NYC. The conference showed him the true potential that psychedelics have in medicine as well as the general well-being of life.

Chris believes there is so much more to life than sitting in traffic day in and day out to work at a job you hate. All your effort should go towards escaping society's ever grasping mechanism of control. Escaping that grasp and becoming successful doing what you love is the ultimate "fuck you." Be mindful of how you treat other people and the affect you have on them. Being a good person does not fall upon religion, social status, gender, or skin color. It falls on how good you treat other people. Be positive and optimistic then watch how things change in your life. Remember negative thoughts do not equal a positive life. 


Matthew Landis is a self-described psychonaut and lifelong student of the universe. He has spent many years exploring the inner reaches of the human condition through literature and life experiences. He believes that the world is a beautiful place and that existence is a gift appreciated by few and squandered by many. Matthew is a bartender and has worked in the service industry for many years, seemingly stuck in the same cycle as many others. He began exploring his consciousness and the transpersonal framework of connectivity through entheogens and plant medicines in his late teens and has only come to appreciate, love, and understand them more over time. He knows that psychedelic medicines with change the course of humanity for the better.


Tim King is cross between Bother Nature and Johann Gutenberg with a dash of Patrick Bateman and ET. He is a printer and graphics installer for the bills, and a movie watching, camper for the thrills. He tries to find the humor in life, bringing positive energy to others. He keeps a mindful eye, or three, open to possibilities and events that cross his paths. He believes in letting go and reconnecting to nature as often as he/you can to feel its intensity and experience what it may have to say. Tim wants to help spread the awareness of how kind and friendly the Earth is and share what it has to offer.